Manage computer systems/electronics projects

The “Hamilton Fish Organisation” is a non-profit organisation that organises financial assistance and educational benefits for the less fortunate members of our society. Being a fairly new organisation, the public is not aware of their operations, and hence would like to have a presence on the Internet. In order to do this, they have approached you to lead a website development project. You are a contractor who works with your team of four, namely John, Peter, Susan and Bill.

Hamilton Fish have no website development skills; they however have space on their ISP’s Web server, and Internet access. The website to be developed should include a mission statement, their activities and information about the organisation (contact details, address etc). The website should also have photographs and other images that portray it, and also be both attractive and user-friendly.

Since the staff at Hamilton Fish have no experience in website development, you are also required to train three of them to carry out simple updates on the website, after the project is finished.

The budget is $10 000 and the duration of the project is about 3 – 4 months.

*You may make assumptions where necessary in order to complete the documents required.

Assessment requirements:

1.A statement of work

2.Project planning worksheet

3.Read the task list on page and for the five process groups shown below, fill in the relevant tasks that have to be completed in each phase.

Hamilton Fish Website Project


Sub-tasks to be inserted into the five process groups

•Prepare final project report

•Collect details for design and webspace

•Initial meeting with project sponsor

•Create site map

•Determine task relationships

•Review changes

•Prepare lessons learned

•Upload site on ISP’s web server

•Investigate similar projects

•Create documentation on updating site

•Stakeholder report

•Review with sponsor and other stakeholders

•Assign resources

•Review Gantt chart information

•Estimate durations

•Research related websites

•Create web pages

•Charter signed

•Develop template for web pages

•Get client feedback

•Digitise photographs and other images

•Enter cost information

•Develop project charter

•Review plan with takeholders

•Modify plans if required

•Train client/s on updating site

•Draft project requirements

•Review reports

•Present final report to stakeholders

•Test webpage and site

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