Manage operational plan

You are responsible for developing an operational plan for Starbucks Coffee Company. The Strategic plan has been already written and sets the following direction for the coming year.
Starbucks Coffee Company Strategic Plan.
As the world’s largest coffee retailer, its future once looked trepid, but Starbucks has become a company that retail analysts say will likely double its footprint over the next two years, in part by replicating the coffee experience in other categories. “We’ve transformed Starbucks Coffee Co. over the last three years,” says CEO Howard Schultz. “Over the next 18 months or so, we’re going to transform the nature of the corporation.”
Saporito, B. (2012) “Starbucks” Time Magazine June 25th 2012
Starbucks strategic goals for the coming year are to:
1. Continue to expand its market share internationally into Asia
2. Bringing more value to recession hit customers
3. To dispense with lots of traditional advertising and capitalise their exposure on web-based media
4. Introduce new products to reflect changing food trends amongst customers
5. Become an employer of choice
6. Become known for implementing environmental sustainable initiatives
Based on the above broad statements of strategic intent, you are responsible for developing an operational plan. Choose 1 goal that you would like to develop and devise operational activities that will be implemented to achieve this.
Your operational activities will be split into the following 3 tasks:
Task 1: Developing the plan
Assignment – DIPMGTOP Operational Planning
a. Write a detailed overview of how you will achieve the strategic goal chosen. Ensure that you also identify who will need to approve the plan before beginning.
b. Outline relevant stakeholders that will be involved in your plan and develop the consultation process that will be used to communicate with them
c. Identify appropriate KPI’s to measure the performance of your plan
d. Describe the appropriate resources needed for your plan and what specialists were consulted
Task 2: Acquiring resources
a. Develop a recruitment and induction strategy to obtain the necessary staff for your plan
b. Develop a procedure to ensure that physical resources are acquired in-line with organisational policies
Task 3: Monitoring and reviewing performance
a. Determine the variance and variance percentage change
b. Determine whether the actual amounts were favourable or unfavourable changes
c. Identify the areas of underperformance and make recommendations for improvements. Ensure that you outline who must approve the changes
d. Describe systems that could be implemented to ensure that staff are working at peak efficiency and poor performance is improved
e. Describe how the resources you’ve identified in Part 1 could be used more effectively
f. Develop a system to ensure that records associated with performance are managed correctly

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