The manager?s roles and responsibilities

? Government early years policies that influence the management of provision

? State clearly what are the key aspects of the managers? role and responsibilities

? Critically analyse the roles and responsibilities ? this means not simply describing what the roles are, but actually discussing the possible challenges and issues that influence the manager?s role. Are there factors that affect the way the manager manages the setting and its provision? What do these tell you about managing a setting? and how do these challenge or reinforce what has been written in the literature or readings?

? Remember to use your readings to support your discussion.

? Identify some of the government policies that influence the management of the setting e.g. ?.?Current early years policy has had a significant impact on the management of the setting. With the current government emphasis on integrated working, the manager of the setting has to learn to work with professionals from other agencies and this has made a difference to the way the setting is managed. She has to co-ordinate more collaborative work with professionals from the health unit and social services ?.?

? Examine theoretical perspective on management issues

? Discuss critically and analytically the regulatory and fiscal framework of early years settings

? . Critically analyse relevant texts and theories

? Critically examine effective methods of monitoring, reviewing and evaluating early years provision

? Discuss analytically the issues and assumptions about management of change


? Sum-up your discussion of essay

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