Managing Information Systems

Case Analysis: Creating Trust Using Information System


Analysis outlined:


  • Identification and size-up of the key issue in the case (1/2 page)


Company overview

Overall context of the case/issue



  • Case Analysis (1 page)


Company & competitive analyses


Context analysis (pertaining to the decision at hand)


Is there anything Airbnb could have done to avoid the “EJ” incident? How about its aftermath?


Airbnb and eBay are similar in that both companies run online marketplaces that match buyers with sellers. Should Airbnb’s reputation system mirror that of eBay’s? If not, how should it differ?



  • Decision and recommendation (1/2 page)


What is your recommendation?


What should Airbnb do to further facilitate trust between renters and hosts?



Note: Please find attached Airbnb case, which needs to read and perform above analysis.

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