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It is a report! Requirements: Undertake the following analysis for Singapore Airlines 1. A competitor and consumer behaviour analysis (20%) 2. Marketing mix analysis (35%) 3. Segmentation, targeting and positioning analysis (30%) 4. Recommendation for a future multi-branding strategy (15%). The word number should match the percentage, for example, marketing mix analysis accounts for 35%, so it should be important and need more words and need more analysis. Students should base their analysis at the time of the case study (2016) and are required to research and use data from outside of the case study. The analysis must be based on the Singapore market only. When making recommendations students should not consider the actions actually taken by the company in 2016/17 and should base their recommendations on their own analysis. (The case study will be in additional files) Maximum Word Length: 2,500 word (No excesses). The submission must be in report format, i.e. using headings, subheadings, diagrams, tables, models, frameworks, narrative and bullet-points, references, and appendices. The word count ONLY EXCLUDES the cover sheet, title page (not the executive summary), contents page, reference list and appendices. EVERYTHING else is included in the word count. ALL excesses over 2,500 words will be penalised as detailed in the UG Handbook. Word counts will be checked. Please look carefully on additional files, especially on case study for Singapore Airlines and requirements. 20 references are needed in Harvard style.

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