1. What is a marketing information system, and how is it used to create customer insights?
  2. What are the advantages of Internet-based survey research over traditional survey research?
  3. Discuss the similarities and differences when conducting research in another country versus the domestic market.
  4. Most e-book readers do not know that their reading behavior can be tracked. What ethical concerns might readers have? Are there any protections in place for consumers who may not want their reading behavior tracked?
  5. Name and describe the types of buying decision behavior and describe a personal example for each.
  6. What is a “new product,” and how do consumers go about deciding whether to adopt a new product?
  7. Explain the stages of the consumer buyer decision process and discuss how you or your family went through this process to make a recent purchase.
  8. Name and describe the three types of business buying situations.
  9. Explain what is meant by systems selling and discuss why it is a preferred approach to buying for many organizations.
  10. Describe how online purchasing has changed the business-to-business marketing process and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of electronic purchasing.
  11. Explain how companies segment international markets.
  12. Explain how a company differentiates its products from competitors’ products.
  13. In the context of marketing, what is a product’s “position”? How do marketers know what it is?

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