1. Processing information is important to understand. Schema theory suggests that we are active processors of information. 1)Explain the schema theory. 2)Why would it be important for those involved in developing public health campaigns to understand how people process information? 3) By recognizing that people organize information for the sake of cognitive economy, campaign organizers would need to take what kinds of actions to improve the effects of the campaign?

2. Adoption of new technology is paramount to the dissemination of information. Some would suggest that early adopters of technology are more likely to be upwardly mobile and more educated than laggards. Willingness to adopt or not, can lead to what some call a knowledge gap. 1) Use the diffusion of innovation theory and 2) the knowledge gap theory to explain why we may have the information “haves” and the information “have-nots”. 3) How might this gap affect political outcomes (elections)?

3. Public opinion leaders can be found at every level of society. 1) Discuss the work of Lazersfeld, Berelson and Gaudet and their discovery of the two step flow concept. 2) Describe the media’s role in the two step flow process. 2) How do people become public opinion leaders?

4. The uses and gratifications theory suggests that people are active users of media. 1) Describe the major premises that surround the uses and gratifications theory. 2) Then discuss which medium (radio, television, newspapers, or internet) would be the medium of choice for either a a) 40 year old female lawyer from Jonesboro or b) a 65 year retired male from Jonesboro(only address one of these two people).

5.The ASU Herald newspaper has a strong online presence. You are a salesperson for the newspaper. It is your job to convince advertisers that they should advertise in the hard copy of the paper and also advertise online. 1) Please discuss how the Uses and Gratifications theory and the diffusion of innovation theory could be used to show advertisers why there is value in advertising in both places.

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