Megacity case study

Select ONE specific megacity from the following list:

• Hong Kong
• Shanghai

Describe your chosen megacity’s growth in terms of population, size, and settlement type. Consider addressing some of the following questions in your assignment:

a) What is the city’s current population (official but also unofficial if you can find it) and morphology (e.g. size, shape, poly- vs. mono-centric etc.)?
b) What kinds of settlement have occurred there (squatter settlements, gated estates etc.)?
c) What are its primary industries/economic sectors, both formal and informal?
d) What are some of the most pressing challenges is the city currently grappling with (traffic congestion, income inequality, pollution, housing affordability, crime etc….)?


A good case study will go beyond surface details of size and shape to explore elements such as: how the city has changed in recent years; what factors are driving urbanization; who is moving into the city (richer migrants moving into gated communities or middle-class neighbourhoods? Poorer migrants? Transnational elites? What factors do you think are driving this growth?) and will provide a coherent, nuanced discussion about the challenges you think are among the most pressing in the city. An excellent case study will provide a discussion of the city that is original, thoughtful and that goes beyond insights provided by the readings and the data you collect.

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