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Research Assignment Key factors for Mobile Business Success


I need 2 pages (content, not including references) in total on the topics listed below. I want to gather credible information from academic articles and peer-reviewed articles. I do not need it to be written in essay format. For each topic, I need research and quotes that is organized in a logical and coherent order and properly cited. This should be a composition of quotes only, in a listed format.


1. Key factors to achieve mobile business success
I need to it to be from a user perspective mostly, backed by different authors/studies. 20% of the research could also be the key factors mentioned by app developers or business owners. These key factors should be quoted, as well as the explanations of why the author thinks they are crucial should be included as quotes too.
In order to make sure that you have a good concept of what is required with this research assignment, here are a few examples of some key factors for the success of mobile business: design, payment methods, reliability, mobile friendly websites (when there is no existence of an app), apps, free of charge, special mobile devices access deals, existence of a physical shop nearby where they can see the product or pick-up, and many others


Use as many different sources as possible.

Use only academic articles and peer-reviewed articles. Please include relevant statistics that come from trusted sources.

I dont need it to be written in an essay format. Please put it in a list format. For every topic, I just need you to compile all of the information and organize it in the most logical order possible. That way, I can use all of the organized research to effectively write about each topic.

Please cite every piece of research in APA format. An example: Participation is regarded as the largest gain from utilizing social media marketing. (Lee, B. et al, 2010:2089).

Please provide an extra works cited page with all the sources used. Minimum five sources.

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