Movie write up

In film, the mise-en-scene refers to aspects such as the setting, the human figure (costuming, makeup), props, lighting, composition, staging, movement, balance and use of space.Your Task (What your Write-Up should include)Find two examples of how certain aspects of the mise-en-scène in Mad Max: Fury Road — the setting, the costumes, the lighting, the composition of certain shots, the use of space, etc. — reinforce the themes and ideas that the film wants to communicate. In other words, focus on how what we are seeing is communicating certain concepts without the characters telling us what to think. Make sure explain the connection between what we are seeing and what we are supposed to understand about the scene, characters, and/or film as a whole.What your Write-Up should not include:a review, reaction, or personal responsea biography of the director or actors or a synopsis of what the director/actors say in the “Director’s Cut” of the filmthe use of any researcha plot summaryGrading Criteria – I will be looking for these elements when grading your Write-Up:Analysis of the mise en scene and/or familiar image, in depth, with examplesA minimum of 600 words (about 2+ pages), but you should feel free to go longerAssignment typed in 12 pt. font, double spaced, and has 1 inch marginsNo response, critique, review, evaluation, or reactionNo ideas or word used from any other sourceGrammatically correct and proofread. Papers with excessive mechanical errors will earn no higher than 27 points

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