Multiple Arguments as a Context for Reading

In this project you will analyze how the claims of an argument are qualified through the lens of another perspective. You will write about how a texts ideas are developed, modified, or applied in other texts, including what meanings are transformed or used in new ways, particularly when viewed through the lens of an alternate perspective.

The texts for this unit all present creative narratives with clear arguments. Dysenchanted, Future Emergencies, In Persuasion Nation,Virgins,The Falling Man, and The Things We Carry, each comment on societal issues with varied approaches to rhetorical argument and narrative style. This paper asks you to explore how the arguments within the texts intersect and relate.

First, choose a character from one of the texts to use as a viewing lens. Then, choose a primary text to analyze. You may do so either from the first-person perspective of the character you choose, or you may analyze through the lens of that character (in third-person narrative Jessica Rabbit would see this text as offensive an appalling because) Do not analyze the text from which your character was created. You may also argue from the perspective of the creator of a text i.e. the author, director, or artist instead of a character. Qualify the primary text in light of your characters beliefs and positions.

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