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Read the article, visit the Baltimore Museum of Art(don\’t need to visit, I\’ll give you the photo), and write a response.Part 1. Read Carol Duncan and Allan Wallach, “The Universal Survey Museum.”Here are some questions that will help you take notes on the reading. You will need to know the answers in order to complete Part 2.What is the “universal survey museum?”What museums do the authors use as their examples?Duncan and Wallach use several interchangeable terms to describe the museum, including: “an ensemble” (p. 51), “a complex” (p. 52) and “a totality” (p. 53). These terms all roughly mean the same thing. What do all three terms capture?What happened to the experience of the visitor when museums shifted from princely collections to public institutions (55-58)?What do Duncan and Wallach mean when they say the museum has a “hegemonic” function? (59)Part 2. Pick two different artworks in the museum. One artwork should be located in the Modern Art/Cone Collection section, and one located in any other gallery in the museum. The goal of this assignment is to think about the ways in which modern art is displayed differently than art from other time periods, and why. Then post a 500-word response that addresses the following points.A – Introduction to your artworks – What are the two artworks you chose, and where are they located in the museum?Tip! Make sure to label the artwork properly, for example: Paul Cézanne, Mont Sainte-Victoire (1885)WRITE THIS TWO ARTWORKS:1. Upaupa Schneklud(The Player Schneklud) by Paul Gauguin2. The Last Supper by Andy WarholB – Observations & analysis – Analyze the three following elements of the museum:Architecture & spatial layout – What is the exhibition space like in the Modern Art gallery versus the other gallery you chose? How do the two exhibition spaces relate to the rest of the museum building, collections, or nearby galleries? (COMPARE CONE COLLECTION, CONTEMPORARY SECTION AND ENGLISH SPORTING ART SECTION)Texts – What type of information do the wall texts or brochures give you about your two artworks?Display strategies (lighting, cases, pedestals) How are your two artworks displayed in the space? Are particular aspects of the artworks highlighted? Does the display encourage visitors to act in a particular way?C – Save space for a final paragraph! Answer the following question: How does the display strategies you observed connect to the Duncan & Wallach article? You MUST refer to at least two concepts or quotations from the article.*****Here is the rubric on which you\’ll be graded:Properly identify your selected artworks & their locations: 3 pointClearly articulate your observations on 3 different subjects (architecture & spatial layout; texts; display strategies): 3 pointsWrite a conclusion that addresses the question “How does the BMA, the artworks, and/or the display strategies you have observed connect to the Duncan & Wallach article?” 2 pointsProperly cite 2 concepts or quotations from the Duncan & Wallach article: 2 points

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