Nail Biting as a behavior modification

BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION PROJECT: RESEARCH PAPER INSTRUCTIONSYou will write a 5-page, APA formatted, research paper that will aid you in the Behavior Modification Project. The research paper will include a title page, 150–250-word abstract, 5-page body, and references page. The body of your research paper will have an introduction, conclusion, and 2 main sections. You can give those sections appropriate titles.The first section will focus on peer-reviewed research that others have already done on your target behavior, or a similar behavior. How did they study this behavior? What treatment did they use? Was it effective?The second section of your paper will require you to research and choose the treatment you intend to use to change your behavior. Choose 1 of the chapters from your textbook (Reinforcement, Token Economies, Behavioral Contracts, Using Punishment: Time-Out and Response Cost, etc.). You should reference your textbook and at least 4 additional peer-reviewed journal articles.************NAIL BITING IS THE BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION OF CHOICE FOR THIS PAPER********

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