NCLB Minority Children with Disabilities


NCLB Minority Children with Disabilities

According to No Child Left Behind (NCLB), the involvement of parents in educating children with disabilities is of utmost significance. The regulations of NCLB require the involvement of parents and guardians in the normal learning and contact between the teachers and the disabled children. Parents should therefore be aggressively and keenly concerned with the education of their disabled children and should be one of the main resolution assessors on issues regarding their children’s education (Lasky and Karge, 2011).

The involvement of apparent in his/her child’s education or learning process encompasses even the actions that can e undertaken at home with an intention of supplementing what the child has learnt at school. These actions may include making sure that the child has completed his/her homework before going to bed and avail a conducive environment at home for learning. Reports from studies done in the past elucidate the fact that parents can work together with teachers in a number of ways. This ensures the distribution of ideals and standards that makes the learning process easier. Parents contribute in learning by sharing their understanding, awareness and skills in the learning process. It is important to posit that involvement of the parent in his/her child’s education makes it possible or gives the parent a chance to campaign for the rights if his/her children. Issues that can hinder parent involvement include language barriers and segregation or seclusion from the society in case of immigrants (Lasky and Karge, 2011).

Ensuring appropriate involvement of parents in the education of children especially those with disabilities as it leads to progress and enhancement of turnout in class, ensures elevated or advanced echelons of accomplishment and success, ensures more children graduate, and also ensures the development of children additional optimistic attitudes towards learning (Lasky and Karge, 2011).


Lasky, B., & Karge, B. D. (2011). Involvement of Language Minority Parents of Children with      Disabilities in Their Child’s School Achievement. California, USA: California State           University.


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