Neighborhood issues- gender equality- single parenting-poverty

Issue- Single mother parenting and poverty
San Leandro California
San Leandro is a small city located in Alameda County. It is one of the major cities in the state of California and has the largest number of white residents as compared to other cities in the state. Despite having a majority of white people, San Leandro has a multi-racial culture attached to it. According the 2010 census, the city has a population of around eighty four thousand nine hundred and fifty, which consists of over 25,000 Asians, 642 Pacific Islanders, 23,237 Latinos and about 16,050 people of other races. One of the sociological issues in the city is increasing number of single female householders who have children, otherwise known as single parents.
Approximately, seven children out of ten in a single-mother family are faced with poverty and lack of rights and education. This is attributed to the fact that single-mothers face economical and financial challenges to support their children. According to the study, the most affected race is African Americans, with poverty rates as high as sixty-six percent

In addition to economic hardships, single-parent families also affect children’s family decision making process. The factors which influence children’s decision making include the mother’s age, education, income, and employment status, time since separation, divorce or widowhood, the number of family members and the age and gender of the oldest child in the family. Studies state that the children’s influence is specific to the kind of products they want to buy. The mother’s income and size of the household has a positive effect on children’s influence. Children in single-mother families are likely to have more influence than children in a married couple family. Children in single-parent families also spend more time on household tasks such as cleaning, and they are more prone to being judged for their work performance. It is entirely possible that children in a financially stable single-parent family have more influence on purchases when grocery shopping. Grocery shopping has been used as an example because all families have basic grocery needs

scan the newspaper for neighborhood issues in the media or conduct an informal interview with someone residing in your neighborhood. How is the issue that you focused on covered in the local and wider news media? How do individuals in your neighborhood fare…?

Current issue in rthe Bay area- San Leandro news papers couls be
The Argus
Tri Vally Times
Contra Costa Times
San Francisco Chronicle
San Leandro Times
San Leandro Patch

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