In the initial paper, I was able to solve various issues in our institution. The school library system is now running smoothly, the back-up system has been installed and book theft cases have easily been dealt with and minimized. The system is highly advantageous and productive though its durability is yet to be tested by time. In the printing section, examinations, reports and any other material is being reproduced at a fast and reliable rate and there are no more failures after a shift from impact technology to laser jet. Hence, I have managed to increase speed while improving quality and reliability.
I have managed to identify various new areas of research given TRIZ analysis. Car companies like Johnson & Johnson, Ford and Daimler-Chrysler; aeronautics companies such as Boeing and NASA and computer giants Hewlett Packard and IBM, and mobile phone companies like Motorola, General Electric, Xerox, LG and Samsung have been using TRIZ methods in their projects. The global scale competition has become very stiff. It requires crisis and problem management while endeavoring to create opportunities. In any field of technologies, only the innovative enough to resolve current problems will succeed.
The problem of copyright protection in moving images can be solved by the TRIZ matrix. Recent progress in development of digital image handling has the contradiction of easing unlawful copying and plagiarism. Hence the world is contemplating on how to enforce copyright claims in the moving images to ensure copyright protection. I have come up with a solution based on TRIZ on visible watermarking which is based on contradiction. In the contradiction matrix: the improving factor is: the copyright mark must be clearly visible for it to work as a well-put statement on copyright yet the worsening factor, that is it should not be overly disturbing and very conspicuous to the viewers. The requirement necessitating that it should be seen but in the background is a physical contradiction in applying the TRIZ methodology. To solve this, I decided to use separation of time theorem. Therefore, the patent statement that will be drafted should make the copyright mark clearly visible in the static mode, but it will endeavor to make it unnoticeable in the display mode of the moving image due to the short display duration. This illustrates application of TRIZ principle of invention that recommends on skipping whereby it covers works on high-rapid performance of dangerous work. This brings a solution that cleverly and tactfully includes a copyright statement that is not intrusive at all.
Applications of TRIZ in science and technology have become very widespread and crucial. I up with a way of applying USIT standing for Unified Structured Inventive Thinking which uses simplified TRIZ to an actual technological problem. I have in particular looked at formation of polymers using a modification of the Smart-Little-Method as proposed by Altschuller to look at formation of a porous polymer sheet in order to increase its form ratio. In particular, when molten polymer is dissolved in a gas and is then forcefully extruded at a high pressure through a narrow slit-shaped nozzle, some gases manage to escape minimizing the size of the polymers. An ideal solution needs to be created such that no gases escape at all. The problem analysis can be tackled by using the Particle’s method. The bubbles in the polymer should not grow large enough, increase in number, escape or increase in size. Therefore, I came up with a strategy to introduce a substance with desirable properties that can induce desirable actions such as a catalyst. Then, the desirable actions desired should be analyzed. Possible properties of the Particles that can be used in performing these actions are then analyzed.

When the analyst is listing up these actions and properties individually, some ideas may be generated in fragments and they require to be organized for implementation. By listing these elements in an organized and systematic scheme, a system of conceptual solutions on formation of polymers are clearly visualized.
TRIZ has been very instrumental when it comes to the field of aerodynamics. In this field, fuel efficiency needs to be improved since fuel costs are too high. It therefore necessitates solving the enigma through innovative thinking. Aerodynamics had been exhaustively covered until NASA came up with the idea of vertical winglets. This has been found to reduce drag at the wingtips which previously consumed a lot of fuel during lift force creation. The broad concept is fuel maximization in order to reduce costs. An ideal situation implies zero costs at zero harm. Since this is not possible, we shall settle for the closest approximation.

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