Using the articles provided write an extended review of this topic. The review should

provide key information from the readings in the topic and include information from

three to five additional and recent journal articles.

The review should integrate information from the different readings. You may like to

compare or contrast the research findings or comment on how you have used or could

use some of the recommended strategies, or you may like to identify some issues or

practices with which you agree or disagree and explain why. Obviously there is a lot of

information to synthesize so you are not expected to cover every aspect or give equal

coverage to every article. Focus on the issues/aspects that have the most interest or

relevance to you. Please ensure that you include references to the articles when you

are discussing information from a particular source. The additional references should be

recent (within the last 5 years), related to your review and should help to broaden or

deepen your understanding of the topic.

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