This assessment requires you address the following topics:• Define the seven principles of patient- clinician communication• Explain how you apply each of these to your interactions with your own patients• Describe the three methods being used to improve interdisciplinary communication• Choose the one that you think applies best to your own area of practice, or the one that your area of practice currently uses, and clearly describe how you use it.• Explain the ethical principles that can be applied to issues in patient-clinician communication• Explain the importance of ethics in communication and how patient safety is influenced by good or bad team communicationObjectivesThis assessment is aligned with the course objective 6 and the following module objective:• Students will use inter and intra-professional communication and collaborative skills for improving patient safety and health outcomes• Define key concepts in effective nurse-patient communication• Define key concepts in effective interdisciplinary communication• Explain the impact of effective nurse-patient and interdisciplinary communication on patient safety and outcomesDue Date: Sun, Oct 23 by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) of the US.Point Value: 40InstructionsTo be successful, complete the following steps in order:STEP 1. Review the instructional materials and finish learning activities in module 4.STEP 2. Click here to download the rubric. Click here to download detailed instructions.STEP 3. Create a new Word document, write your paper based on the above overview, objectives, and detailed instructions.Assignment should include a minimum of 3 professional references. One reference may be your text book. One must be a refereed journal article, and the other may come from a professional website (.gov, .edu and some .org websites- Wikipedia is not a professional reference). All journal articles must be no older than five years.You may use the Pagel et al. (2011) article (which is one of this week’s required readings) as one of your sources.STEP 4. Refer to APA book and rubric for correctly formatting the paper.STEP 5. Word limit 600 minimum excluding title and reference pages.

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