****Discuss some of the specific things in your population of interest (group of patients) that you would need to consider- be specific.  (Look at Figure 3-1 in the Good chapter- might be helpful).

**** Discuss how the assumptions and propositions assisted you in the above exercise.  Be specific, by citing examples.

***When you respond to two of the your classmates’ postings, consider the following in your response:

****Did you learn or see something new about the theory itself of the use of theory from the postings, or were there more questions or confusion created for you about “applying” the theory?

*****Were the questions or situations presented consistent with the theory?

****Did you think the theory was used appropriately?  If not, then explain why, and what should have been done.  ( in order to answer this, think about what parts of the theory that you would look at or examine that will assist you to determine this?  Hint:  think about you did in critiquing the theory…e.g. looking at the assumptions, propositions, etc.)

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