In the 21st century, Obama care or the Affordable Care Act has played a crucial to reform the American health care and health insurance as a whole. The law comprises a number of pages that give Americans more protection and rights and expand their access to affordable health care. The Act reforms the way Americans buy health insurance and for those who cannot afford it qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. Typically, Obamacare has been debated for the past years. Many people believe that the Act is so complex especially to wealthy individuals who are forced to pay more taxes. Regardless of how and what people pay, some people believe that the Act boosts the American healthcare industry. The poor and less privileged in the society enjoy the benefits of affordable healthcare. In essence, the Obama care is paid through taxes, government funding, and budget cuts. The more an individual earns the more he/she is eligible to pay taxes. This essay seeks to mirror the Pros and Cons of the Obamacare.

The Act benefits the less privileged, poor, and those who do not have health insurance. First, the Act has had a superb reputation of escalating healthcare access. Millions of young people between the age of 19 and 25 years have the opportunity to be included in their parents’ plans. Obamacare has laid a strong ground where many young people can access health care despite of earning less or not working. The Act has been set up in such a way that, parents can include their children in the health insurance plan up to age 25 or 26 years. This benefits insurance companies in that they receive more premiums even when an individual is healthy. Secondly, millions of uninsured people can access affordable health care in the marketplace. Primarily, the Act was implemented to minimize health care cost and make the services more accessible to those who cannot get insurance. Usually, the government distribute healthcare to those who cannot afford or manage to pay for health insurance (Obamacare, 2013).

Thirdly, Obamacare offers many benefits to women in that the Act expands contraception availability and coverage. Many women have the opportunities to plan for their future in relation to the number of children they want or get. Fourthly, Low income individuals are more likely to enjoy Obamacare since the Act targets those without insurance. There will be medical expansion to cover millions of low income families and individuals. In turn, this will decrease mortality rate since many people will not stay in illness. Many people will access wellness and preventive services without any difficulties (Obama Care Facts Dispelling the Myths, 2012).

Even though the Obamacare does a lot in expanding health care, it has had negative effects on most workers who are forced to pay taxes. The American government ensures that employed individuals pay taxes to meet the cost of health care. The taxation policy is set in such a way that, the more an individual earns the more he/she pays more taxes. With this, Obamacare directly affects wealthy individuals who pay huge taxes to meet the funding or the cost of healthcare. Basically, Obamacare is expensive and it is projected to cost $ 1 trillion for the next decade (ProCon.org, 2013).  In order for the Act to work, the State will be forced to allocate some money and deduct some funding from tax payers.

Secondly, the increased coverage of health may increase health costs since many people may end up receiving preventive care even when they do not have critical illness. The additional tests such as cholesterol tests and cancer screening will increase medical spending, thus, making it difficult for the government to cater for the cost. The Obamacare may also increase drug cost considering that many people are examined and treated often. As people have access to health care, there will be chances that the drug cost will increase to fully prevent or cure the illness. Thirdly, most hospitals and healthcare professionals may move their systems for quantity instead of providing quality care. As many people have the benefits and opportunities of accessing affordable health care, most hospitals may have to meet a large population that requires adequate attention. With this, many hospitals will end up compromising quality care in the attempt of meeting the large population. Healthcare institutions may find it hard to motivate their employees to perform effectively. The large population may increase unintended consequences of having to work hard to improve wellness and preventive services. Lastly, those who are financially stable may opt for private hospitals that have better facilities and healthcare systems. Although the major goal of Obamacare is to increase health care for all Americans, the Act may increase healthcare cost and compromise on quality. As the Cons and Pros of Obamacare become so evident, there have been continued efforts to modify the bill and in turn reform quality health care. Despite the disadvantages that emerge from the Act, it has tremendously benefited many Americans.



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