Object Perception and Unity in Infants

Below is my 100 word initial essay on the chosen topic. After that is the actual assignment description.Object Perception and Unity In Infants (Chapter 16)Infants perception of object unity is elementary when compared to how an adult perceives an object or scene. There are several theorists that have studied infants growth including object unity. Piaget’s theory is one theory that described detailed information regarding an infant’s development and perception. Another theory is how infants learn perception rather than having been born with it. Infancy perception and unity is separated into two month spans beginning at newborn (0-2 months), 2-4 months, and 4-6 months. Infants do not have the knowledge of the world as adults do and several studies have been done to figure out and document the process that infants use for perception.References:(THIS IS THE COURSE TEXTBOOK) Goldstein, E.B. (2013) Sensation and perception, 9th ed. Wadsworth: California.Johnson, S. (2011). How Infants Learn About the Visual World. Retrieved from: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2992385/Assignment description:The Final Paper, which must be 10 pages in length, not including the cover and reference pages, will address a topic from Chapters 11-16 of the course textbook. The paper is expected to incorporate physiological and psychological aspects of perceptual functioning.Note: A very important aspect of this paper is that it must be about more than what is already covered in the course. Textbook chapter summarizing and other course learning materials review is not the goal; instead, the paper must expand on a topic covered in the course.The course textbook and academic, peer-reviewed journal articles must be used for the paper. It must be comprised of paraphrases, which are restatements of what you read in published materials. Your professor needs to see what meaning you are able to make of what you read rather than what you can copy and place inside quotation marks. All published materials on which the paper is based must be source credited in both the paper body and in a list of sources attached to the end per APA formatting rules. Per course policy, a first instance of any copying, with or without source crediting at the end of the copied content will result in an assignment score of zero with no option for revision and course failure for a second copying incident.Final Course Paper Grading RubricGrading Criteria and Points Possible37.5 points possibleMechanics: Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, readability, flow37.5 points possiblePresentation: Organization, clarity of presentation, timeliness, meets length requirement of 10 pages, not including the cover and References pages37.5 points possibleRelevance: Appropriateness of material covered to topic of perception150 points possibleIntegration: Synthesis of personal insight with paper concepts150 points possibleComprehensiveness: Adequate coverage of paper topic37.5 points possibleFormatting: APA source crediting, inclusion of at least three scholarly resources other than the text and required readingTotal Points Possible: 450

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