Observation Essay

This is your opportunity to experience art firsthand!

(In Denver, CO) Find a museum, gallery, or another place where you can view an original work of art of your choice. Select one work of art to explore, and write a 250-300 word observation. Discuss the following aspects of your experience in the paper:
Identify the artist, title, date, and medium of the artwork
State where and when you observed this artwork
How do the surroundings affect your experience of this artwork?
What is the subject matter?
Analyze the usage of the elements of art and principles of design (elements of art: line, space, light, color, value, texture, pattern, time and motion; principles of design: balance, emphasis, scale, proportion, repetition, rhythm, variety)
How does the artistic form of the artwork affect the content?
What do you think the artist wants to convey through this artwork?

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