operations and process management

Based in the West Midlands TORC UK Ltd., consists a manufacturing site, warehouse and sales branches. A producer of electric motors, power tools and pumps the company has grown by acquiring other companies (suppliers and customers). Whilst recognising the need to become leaner, agile and market-oriented, so far it has been constrained by factors such as site and space limitations, product design and quality, out-of-date manufacturing and production methods, poor distribution and marketing. The Company suffers from over-stocking, poor supplier relationships and varying lead times leading to an inability to forecast demand and react to market place changes in an effective and consistent manner.

Part 1 

A review of TORC UK’s Marketplace Positioning and Supply Chain Integration.

Compile a business case, resource allocations and timing feasibility study for improving the visibility of the company evaluating the characteristics of global supply chainsandidentifying what will be needed by TORC UK Ltd., that will:

a) Develop a more aggressive marketplace positioning strategy,

b) Introduce a rationalised product range to exploit the higher turnover available from more profitable products

c) Develop a marketing promotion campaign to include an on-line intranet and extranet capability in order to serve more international markets

d) Raise the Key Performance levels (such as Q.C.D.) within the new, and extended enterprise.

Part 2 

A review of TORC UK’s Operations Management processes utilising management by Project.

Identify the required internal lean and agile manufacturing operational changes to bring about the installation of an “out of the box” or a customised ERP software system and the necessary upgraded hardware products that you can demonstrate through estimates will provide the company with the most efficiency gains and improvements to revenue and profitability being needed by TORC UK Ltd., that will:

a)    Examine what and how the company can achieve improved manufacturing output  and reduce waste,

b)    Improve product quality and service reliability,

c)    Reduce inventory and manufacturing costs

d)    Increase overall efficiency, effectiveness and economy levels of the business operations management.

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