Option E

First, Read the following:


Review Unit VIII (prof’s notes), text resources, Unit I discussion (sports)

Review C. Wright Mills (chapter 1, Unit I [prof’s notes])


For the paper:


By Sunday November 10th (11:59 pm) answer the following question: How would C. Wright Mills analyze the structural sources of the trouble/issue of “juiced” athletes (use your sociological imagination)?  (i.e. how does living in a sport-oriented society, in the REAL competitive world of athletes have an impact on the choices athletes MUST make about whether they will “juice” or not?)


In order to answer this question you will need to review the readings listed above. Draw on Mills’ concepts in order to analyze the question. As with the other papers, include an intro and conclusion. Cite ideas that are not your own. Draw on the feedback from the main page; this will help you improve your paper. Make certain that you are answering the question. Don’t merely describe; discuss and analyze. Use the concepts, show evidence that you can apply the concepts in the course material to answer the question.

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