Organisational Behaviour

This assignment is supposed to be an Essay for University standard.

Essay Guideline:

1. Write an ishort essay on the contribution that critical analysis of leadership theories makes to your understanding of organisational leadership, and how this knowledge will make a difference to your development as a future leader.

2. A minimum of eight (8) references drawn from a range of sources should be applied. Wikipedia will not be accepted as a reference.

Your essay will be expected to demonstrate:
 An ability to write a clear and compelling, well-presented and properly referenced critical analysis of organisational leadership and its contribution to your understanding;
 An understanding of how these new insights will contribute to your future development as a leader;
 In-depth engagement and application of relevant academic theories and perspectives have been applied from a wide range of academic sources.

Please see attached “OB Assignment Guide” for the details to the assignment.

I’ve also attached quite a number of references for reading & understanding.

Please try to use as many references (Harvard referencing) as possible as that determines the grades most of the time.

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