organisations today



This assignment is the coursework for BHM349. The essay should be no more than 3000 words in length.



Answer the following question:



In organisations today, is the balance of power in the employment relationship equal or does the employer or employee have most power? Using an organisation of your choice explore this question.



The organisation that you choose can be any of interest to you. This might be an organisation where you have worked, it might be an organisation that has been in the news or it might just be an organisation that interests you. It can be an organisation based in any country.


Some ideas to help you get started:


  • Think about the organisation itself and how that impacts on employment relationships – the structure, culture, ethos, values…
  • Think about the balance of power. What aspects of the relationship contribute to the determination of power?
  • Think about the external factors impacting on the organisation – how does that impact on the balance of power?
  • Remember that you might need to take a range of factors into account.
  • Think about the types of jobs in the organisation. Does the balance of power vary for different jobs, or at different levels in the organisation?


A good answer will:


  • Be thoughtful and perceptive
  • Will show an understanding of how various aspects of the organisation impact on employment relationships
  • Will appreciate the reality of business life, and that sometimes there is not a perfect balance of power
  • Will apply theory to the points raised to try to gain an understanding into what is happening in the employment relationship
  • Will show a breadth as well as a depth of knowledge and understanding





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