Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership

  1. 1-Of the Leadership Styles discussed so far, which style do I most relate to and why?

Out of the common leadership styles, I tend to relate to the servant-leadership style. This is because my personality and behavior characterizes the traits associated with this style of leadership. In essence, I am a strong listener who always listens to his inner feelings and thoughts and interpret them before making any decision. Furthermore, my decisions are mainly guided by views from others because I pay attention to ideas raised by followers. Particularly, I am an empathetic listener who values the need of providing others with the opportunity of communicating their ideas.

My leadership style also presents high levels of stewardship because I am committed to serving the needs of others. Interestingly, I believe in the spirit of openness and persuasion, instead of control. I mainly consider my leadership role as an opportunity of improving the welfare of my people. Consequently, I am highly committed to the development of the people I serve. For example, I have often established strategies for building community within my team. Lastly, my leadership style is associated with the idea of persuasion. I have the capability of examining a challenge from a perspective that outweighs the ordinary daily realities. Furthermore, I believe in the idea of convincing instead of coercion when arguing my position.


  1. 2-Which leader have I most admired and what is it that they do (leadership behavior) that makes me admire them?

I have mainly admired the leadership of President Obama. The President is capable of popularizing his ideologies through his unique transformational-charismatic leadership habit. Obama’s high confident and self-motivated personality has enabled him to persuade Americans accept  the need of  change and that he was the ideal candidate for leading  that change. For example, Obama has attracted many persons to his vision by indicating capability of making a significance difference in both local and international affairs. I also admire the President’s behavior of inspiring his people as emphasized in his motto “Yes We Can.” He made Americans believe that they have essential resources and potential of realizing great success. Furthermore, Obama is a decisive leader who understands his visions and works tirelessly towards realizing them. The President has often adopted tough decisions in order to improve the welfare of Americans. Interestingly, his decisions are unchallengeable because he has outstanding skills for facing emerging obstacles.

Moreover, I admire Obama’s cross-cultural international leadership habit. America had lost its reputation under earlier administrations because of unilateral international policies adopted by previous presidents. However, Obama’s leadership behavior has corrected this situation by assuming a cross-cultural strategy to the world. Besides addressing the American’s interests, the President is also able to evaluate situations from an international perspective.

Q.3-What might be some of the common organizational values in the hospitality industry? How do some of these values help to guide organizational behavior/service delivery?

The major organizational values in the hospitality industry should include excellent services to the customers, pursuing integrity, promoting  diversity and maintaining procedural and financial accountability. These values affect organizational behavior and service delivery in various ways. Initially, the organization that is committed to providing its clients with exceptional services will always find strategies for improving their procedures. Consequently, such organizations pay attention to the customer’s concerns and recommendations. Furthermore, organizations that promote the idea of integrity observe high degrees of professionalism and ensure that their customers are provided with the experience that they were promised while making reservations. The concept of embracing diversity leads to establishment of inclusive organizational behaviors. This becomes essential considering that the hospitality industry handles clients from different backgrounds. Lastly, the idea of accountability enhance development of organizational cultures were the firm and each member of the team is responsible for his or her actions.

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