corporate Strategy


1. Briefly, identify your organisation’s strategic position and its business model.
10% effort / attention

2. By engaging with appropriate models and theory from the lectures, suggest ways forward in terms of your organisation’s future strategy. Critically analyse if these ways would change the strategic position and the business model. Again, you must use a good number of academic journals and a smaller number of textbooks (and other material) to substantiate and justify your discussion. 90% effort / attention

Remember: there are lots of things that could be done to take a strategy forward / change a strategy. However, the issue is: should this be done, or should this not be done, and why is this so / not so?

My first assignment was on Heineken Group so this essay should take from where i left the first one. i have submit my first essay as well as the lecture slides and some guidance notes
it is very important to be critically analysed and the majority of the references to be from journal

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