Topic: Mr. Craft (Case Study A)Ms. Craft, age 59, was brought by ambulance to the emergency room because she thought she was dying. She had difficulty breathing, was dizzy if she attempted to sit up, and felt a sense of impending doom. Ms. Craft assumed that she was having a heart attack, and so did the admitting emergency room personnel.But the case was more complicated. Physical examination showed Ms. Craft to have weakness, malaise, warm skin, and hypotension. Ms. Craft said she felt nauseous. A blood glucose value was diagnostic for diabetes. Cardiac markers did not show that she was having a heart attack, nor did an EKG. When her history was taken, Ms. Craft said she had not seen a doctor in several years and was unaware that she had diabetes.Her respirations were deep and rapid—Kussmaul respirations.QUESTIONSMs. Craft probably had:A. metabolic alkalosis.B. metabolic acidosis.C. respiratory acidosis.D. respiratory alkalosis.In what way would the diabetes have contributed to her condition?

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