In business, enhancing positive customer relationship is essential. The person responsible for enhancing relationships must posses a variety of skills including good communication skills to ensure that the relationship is enhanced (Keyton et al. 2013). This paper is an informal performance appraisal and improvement plan for Bridgewater.

Despite the fact that Bridgewater is person with positive characteristics such as; experience, has boundless energy, she is able to engage personal styles and technical knowledge; she has failed in her communication strategies. Being a former professional golfer player means that she has vast experience in the sector. However, the fact that retailer complaints have increased especially for voice and email is a matter of fact that something is in mess and requires urgent measures. Retailers are very essential in the performance of the business and therefore, she is required to pull up her socks to enhance positive relationships. Unanswered emails and voice messages, confusing emails and haphazardly thrown reports may turn away the retailers thus impacting on the business. The business risks collapsing as its retailers may lack confidence triggering them to alter the relationship.

Regardless of these challenges, Bridgewater can still make an improvement so as to restore the retailers confidence, and to save the company from collapsing.  She needs to respond to the retailers’ messages and concerns immediately.  She also must learn how to write precisely and concisely to enhance understanding. The messages should be clear, well punctuated, and proofread to minimize grammatical errors. Furthermore, the messages must be planned, should be delivered privately and should be objective and not biased. The language should be non-judgmental, any negative feedback should be documented for sharing and improvements and confrontations should be avoided (Keyton et al. 2013). These strategies will help Bridgewater to establish positive relationship with the retailers hence impacting on the business.



Keyton, J. et al. (2013). Investigating Verbal Workplace Communication Behaviors, Journal of     Business Communication, 50(2): 152-169.


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