Personal essay

Personal essay

Option 1: Essay rewrite

In life we make decisions that sometimes we do not take time to ponder about them. In this paper, I criticize my earlier essay that I wrote about procrastination. This is a behavior that should not be entrenched or exemplified by students like me.

In this essay, I stated that I proximate. Procrastination is believed to be a complex psychological behavior that affects everyone to some degree or another and can have roots in many “illnesses”, such as phobia, depression, and even low self-esteem.   For some people it can be a minor problem but with others it leads to stress and anxiety. There are many feelings associated with this word, majorly being guilt which leaves you saying “uh oh.”  This is a problem that I do have and which I have tried to relinquish but find my self doing.

I find it ridiculous and unnecessary especially in my life. In our daily lives we encounter challenges and problems that bring us down. Even though we fear to fail, I   found it appropriate that people must fail for them to succeed.  Therefore, it is ridiculous to state that I fear to fail as indicated in my previous essay. Success is a journey that requires trials. Sometimes people fail and through the failure they learn new tactics of doing things that enable them to again rise up and achieve their success. Many of the successful people have failed many times. It is their determination, hope and desire to achieve certain results that has made them to rise up and succeed in their endeavors. Therefore, as a student I found it contrary to state that I fear to fail. A mistake must be committed for a solution to be found. Without a mistake there is no learning and therefore, a person cannot be able to succeed.

Poor time estimation is yet problem that is attributable to procrastination. Even though many people are poor time managers, it is not a quality to be found in a student. As a student, you are required to be time conscious to be able to ensure that you engage in your studies well. It sounds ridiculous that such a statement is coming from someone like me.  Assignment must be done within the required time and submitted in the time provided. A student that aims to succeed in his academics is always conscious and spends his/her time well. Therefore, I found it ridiculous that, I am aspiring to achieve my goals and excel in my academics and yet I drag my feet in the activities that I engage in.  People that have succeeded in the endeavors be it academics or any other activities, have planed their time well. Therefore, a student like me should also plan time well to be able to accomplish or achieve my desired grades.

Perfectionism is also a disease that has deterred many people from achieving their goals. There is no man that is perfect however much you may claim to be.  It is only God who is perfect. Therefore, for a student like me claiming i achieve perfectionism, it is not convincing. Owing to many tasks and piles of work that awaits me.  Perfectionism requires that the student spend huge amounts of time engaging in one task. This therefore may lead to rescheduling of class and even failing to execute or complete other tasks that are given by the teachers. The end result is a failure. I feel that, a student that yearns to achieve his or her goals in academics should plan well and assign consideration time to every task to ensure that all the tasks are well executed.  Progress is much better that remaining stagnant at one point seeking for perfectionism which at the end may not be attained.

Ideas in an essay should flow and connect to ensure easy flow and foster understanding.  I found out that, I failed to adhere to this principle in writing and this caused my essay difficult to follow and understand. For instance, the introduction part of the essay did not provide information of where the whole essay was leading to.  In a formal writing, a reader should get glimpse of the idea about the story in the introductory part of writing. I found out that, I omitted this and this impacted on the understandability of the essay. Furthermore, my introduction did not entice or persuade a reader to want to read further to determine what the rest of the writing is all about. The introduction was not persuasive and this made the essay not so appealing. The general body of my essay was also not well supported. The concluding paragraph was not well presented. It did not summarize some of the major things that I had discussed in entirety. Furthermore, it lacked to provide some directions and way forward.

When it comes to the ideas and the themes I was raising, I found out that the arguments were baseless and would not be believed by any person reading my essay. I based the writing on my own opinion and views. I therefore, was biased through the approach that I took. I failed to factor the other people perspectives and this therefore makes my essay not convincing.  To ensure that people believe ones work; the work should be able to substitute personal opinion with some proven facts. These proven facts should come from credible resources. Reliable researches should have been carried out to ensure that the facts have been tested and proven. Therefore, I realized that, no person would actually believe my essay. I also did not make the essay sound like something that happens in reality. Even if writing for entertainment, it is important to make the facts to look real and reflect on the things that happen in the society. This was something that was not forthcoming in the essay which made it lack that taste and therefore could not attract wide audience.  I also realized that I only looked at one perspective in my argument and this caused the essay not to be effective.

I also found that my argument was ridiculous in away. I failed to address the appropriate target audience in my essay. A writer must have a target audience when writing about any topic of interest. It is that target interest that will shape your perspective or writing therefore, putting in mind the needs and the concerns of the target audience is essential in ensuring that the essay is specific and addresses salient issues that face that particular segment (Moskovitz 48).  The essay I wrote, I noticed that it was based on personal view and feelings and this made it not to look professional and therefore the level of in-depth analysis was lacking.

In conclusion, it is imperative and true that indeed the previous essay had many flaws especially on the ideas presented. In writing, it is important for the writer to be focused and attentively to each and every statement or word that constructed. The words mean a lot to the audience and to ensure that the message is understood, therefore, a lot of scrutiny is a mandatory.  Some of the mistakes or criticisms of my essay were problems, and credible evidence that supported the facts target audience and grammatical mistakes. Nevertheless, I have learned from mistakes and next time I am sure the mistakes committed will not be experienced again.


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Moskovitz, Cary. ‘The Duke Reader Project: Engaging the University Community in         Undergraduate Writing Instruction,’ Liberal Education, 97.3-4(2011): 48-53. Print.


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