Personal statement to support my MSc. Nutrition course application

ou can find the details of the programme in the following link:

From the application: "

Please describe your academic interests and why you wish to follow your chosen programme (taught or research). If you are applying to a taught programme, this is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the Admissions Tutor. Please describe your academic background, reasons for taking the programme and what you hope to gain from it, including any relevant interests, strengths, ambitions or research interests."

The statement should focus strongly on my educational background and my industrial work experience at GSK. Please have a look at my transcript, CV and another personal statement I have written for a different course application. Please mention why I want to study at King’s college London (you might want to do a bit of googling for this) and why this course?

My ambition is to work for the food industry in research and development, and develop in to a future leader.

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