Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Education has become an essential aspect not only for professional advancement but also for personal fulfillment. Institutions that provide quality education are the most sought for, in the current world that is full of competition. My decision to undertake an MSc, in Nutrition and my choice of King’s College London was informed by several factors.

I have excelled in various levels of my educational experience, for instance, achieving Hons, in BSc. Pharmacology, achieving an average of 1st class grades in my first and second year, and being the best in GCE 0/L results in 2005, in St. Bridget’s Convent. At the GCSE level, I scored solid A grades in Science, Mathematics, English, Tamil, Social Studies, Business Studies and Accounting, Carnatic Music and Hinduism. My success in the science fields have encouraged me to venture more into science and research, which can be realized at King’s College in London.

I have had exposure in an industrial working field specifically in GlaxoSmithKline, R&D (Epigenetics) Stevenage. Here I got valuable exposure that enabled me gain more research skills working with a team of biologists on an autoimmune diseases program. This got me interested in the study of nutrition. I got a chance to work independently in a project, in the organization that is widely known around the world. My exposure helped me gain research skills in various fields, such as cell culturing, cell-proliferation assays, organ bath study, enzyme kinetics and neutrophil isolation from human blood among other fields. I have also undertaken a summer vacation experience with Zeta Analyticals where I gained experience in preparing medicinal samples for testing.

In the current world, many diseases are attributed to food consumption behaviors that are directly related to nutrition. For instance, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes require that people observe the kinds of food they consume. The rising number of these cases puts a lot of importance in the need for nutritionists who can advise people on their food consuming needs and importance. This is one of the reasons that informed my decisions, to undertake an MSC, Nutrition course.

In addition, my interests in taking the MSc, Course is to enable me get more research skills that will build me as a person who has a strong background in science. It will also help me become diverse with respect to achieving an understanding of different science and research fields. This will enable me contribute effectively to the society working in various fields either as a nutritionist, researcher or scientist.

King’s College in London is the best college that can provide me with valuable educational and research experience in the field because it is well established and offers a course that is broad-based ad covers all aspects of nutrition. The College also offers the course in a research-led environment with a staff that has experts in various specialties. This institution will place me in the best position to pursue my career in various fields, such as nutrition planning, teaching or research in the education sector, government, health sector or the food industry.

My ambition is to work in the food industry specifically in research and development while at the same time developing into a leader. In all my endeavors, I have shown high levels of commitment and willingness to excel, and I intend to further this at King’s College. King’s College is the place that will help me realize my dreams and achieve my ambition because of the value of the education it provides.

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