Persuasive Essay

please provide me with the essay outline. Also, the essay has to include quotes and paraphrases from the articles listed below followed by their citations.Argue one side or the other of one of the following statements, drawing on the material from the readings listed following. Remember that your thesis must be your own. Because your essay will be shorter than the assigned readings, you will need to narrow your topic, zeroing in on what you believe are the most important points.Your essay should be well organized, with good paragraph structure and transition; a strong, ethical, persuasive approach; an appropriate introduction and conclusion; and lively, precise, and grammatically correct sentences. Use a variety of rhetorical techniques, as appropriate, and use MLA-style documentation to cite any material that you quote, paraphrase, or summarize. Revise, edit, and proofread as necessary.the statement is:- Unrealistic body images presented in the media promote physical and psychological disease among women. Readings: \”Pressures to Conform\” (page 221); \”Social Bodies: Tightening the Bonds of Beauty\” (page 541).Criteria for Marking Assignment 4The following criteria will be used in marking Assignment 4:80–100%Clear thesisGood persuasive organization, with subtle presentation and linking of main arguments and supportOriginality and/or sophistication expressed via specific examples and complex sentence style and dictionSubtle understanding and expression of ideas in assigned essay setNo basic grammar errors

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