persuasive essay on the Uncanny and Sandman

According to Freud, in the Sandman the reader experiences a species oof the frightening that he describes as the uncanny. Explain the concept of the uncanny and the ways in which it is expressed in Hoffman’s fairy tale. Is Olympia the only character responsible for the feeling of the uncanny in the Sandman? How does the feeling of the uncanny stem in part from the hesitation on the part of the reader whether Nathaniel is laboring under some strange delusion or lives in world that has been invaded by supernatural forces? Do you agree with Freud that this uncertainty is resolved at the end of the fairy tale?

Need to look at the readings the Sandman by E.T Hoffman and Freud’s essay on the uncanny.

Coul I also have an outline for this essay within 12 hours?

I would like everything to be proofread because for some reason my orders always have grammatical mistakes and the citations are wrong.

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