Pharmacology ;Antivirals use in management of Influenza and Nursing implications

Is both Pharmacology and Nursing

l’ll be responsible for preparing one Paper on the pharmacological management of a disease or pharmacological applications of a drug or group of drugs. For the drug study paper here is the step by step guideline:

Ill be using a group of ANTIVIRALS

1. You will choose a specific pharmacological topic. antivirals

2. You will write a title for this topic covering what you would do. The title should be clear about your plan “”Antivirals use in management of Influenza and Nursing implications”

3- Develop a paper identifying the pharmacological properties and actual/potential effects on the patient. ), with an abstract, discussion, conclusion and bibliography. Include education to patients on the use of the medications.

4- the paper should Incorporates specific ideas that enrich and relate to the specific topic

5-Presents a clear articulation and insightful analysis of the important concepts or theories of pharmacodynamics

6-Conclusion discusses how the research has had an impact on the learner’s view of the topic, supported by references. Wraps up paper well.

7-Presents vivid, precise language that engages the reader.


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