Philosophy of teaching

Instruction & Requirements:
This paper must be aligned with the beliefs and teachings of at least one historical figure and at least one theorist. Discuss his/her beliefs and why you find yourself aligned with him/her.

The following questions must be addressed.
1. What are your beliefs about how children develop and learn?
2. Who is capable of learning?
3. As a teacher in early childcare, what should children come to you knowing?
4. What should they be ready to learn and do?
5. What is/are the best way(s) to teach young children?
6. How do you believe children\’s behavior should be managed?

All the criteria must be addressed in the written philosophy. the paper should be typed in a 12,13,or 14pt. font, using Times New Roman or Arial. It should be double-spaced and at least 1 1/2 pages in length. The margins should be 1\” at top, bottom, and right side of the page, and 1 1/2\’ on the left.

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