pneumatic and PLC

A simple small moulding machine has three pneumatic linear actuators

1. Linear actuator opening and closing the mould

2. Linear actuator moving the barrel forward against the mould and

back away from the mould

3. Linear actuator moving forward injecting polymer and returning

(refilling for the next shot).

The process has the following constraints

When the mould is closed the barrel may move forward and back, when

the barrel is forward the injector may be moved forward and back, the

injector must be back before the barrel can move, the barrel must be back

for the mould to open and close. When the mould is opened the part can

be removed.

Both the time the mould is closed and the time injecting linear actuator is

forward should be adjustable.

Using a top down approach

· Analyse with the use of a system diagram the process. 20

· Define the inputs and outputs required for a control system. 10

· Develop a suitable PLC or other electrical control circuit to

control the above with where all end conditions are fed back

using limit switches and the inject forward and mould close

has a timer control. 30

· Devise a pneumatic circuit to complete the above operation. 30

(Fluidsim may be used for this)

· Advise how speed control on all linear actuators would be 10

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