Popular American Culture Paper



Culture can be referred to as the ideas, customs and social behaviour of particular people or society. This may vary from habits, politics, music, arts, sports, faiths, architectural designs, traditions, clothes worn to the food they eat.  As the world is quickly evolving with new cognitive contents, Americans may be known to lead in having the broadest range and kinds of culture/s pertaining with time, group, age or even the geological setting of a place or region with its adaptation and popularity been seen world-wide. Although the views and opinions on the popular American culture is open for debate, the term ”pop” culture, which is the same as ”pop” music has been derived from the word  popular to simply mean something which has more of an impact than trend, and can define a period of time as the majority considers it popular and worth of their time. This has influenced favorite television shows, movies, music, books and even fashion, which defines a generation with big hair and shoulder pads in the 80’s,  while flower power, peace signs, straight hair and bell bottoms were part of the 60’s and 70’s era. All these were also influenced through the music culture regardless of its genre or epoch as artists and groups were a determinant factor since the foundation of music in colonial America to its present progressive stage as Dorough (1992) states.

The media has left its mark as one of the major trends in the American popular culture, as it influences the purchase of various where she cites that ”the buying of clothes and fashion brings stability to the greater community as livelihoods and jobs rely on the continuous purchase of goods.” (Oliver, 1996). It has impacted my decisions when it comes to buying, with various fashion magazines determining my casual and official wear while Reebok, Adidas and Nike on top of my sportswear. This has proved quite fortuitous, saving me time and money in decision-making.


The American culture is not complete without adding sports as also one of the main trend. Today, sports has seen a massive growth in America and across its borders, bringing social togetherness with various sport teams, groups and individuals opting to merchandise their products for the huge fan base. Major cities and towns usually come to a standstill when major sports events take place with supporters donning their team’s shirts and regalia with excitement in talks, views and opinions being shared. According to (Gems & Pfister, 2009), this reflects on the emergence of sports with entertainment and business, with the American media spreading this culture world-wide with various sports producing celebrities and icons to look up to with heroes to be remembered in a lifetime.

One of the other trend which has largely contributed and progression of the American culture is the internet.  According to Porter (1997), one can freely choose who to interact with as they will be holding the same goals and interests rather than brushing shoulders with people who are different. It also states that the internet” promotes uniformity in America and it masks ones race and gender hence promoting social diversity”. Political views and activism are also progressed through the cyber world with news on different events being communicated to many individuals as possible. The internet has seen the emergence and growth of small businesses who could not fight big multinationals. Social sites have bridged the gap in matters regarding stereotyping.

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