preliminary essay

Your preliminary essay (2-3 pages, double-spaced) should address one of the following topics.

Describe a previous writing experience you had (in or out of school) and reflect on what you learned from that experience (not just skills but also habits and ways of thinking about writing) that you can draw on when writing at the college level. As you imagine what college-level writing will be like, what might you adapt from that prior experience to be useful now?

Of the reading and writing skills you bring with you, which ones do you think will serve you most and which ones do you think will serve you least? And why? In what ways, if any, do you imagine you might need to adapt these skills?

How would you describe yourself as a writer and learner? What do you find most and least rewarding about writing? What comes easiest and what is most challenging? What strategies have you used to work on things that you find challenging that you can build on in this class?

What have you done when you have encountered new ideas, especially ideas that challenge your certainties or strongly held beliefs? Describe a time when you encountered ideas that challenged you, and reflect on how you learned with the knowledge you gained from this challenging encounter. What did you learn from that experience that you might want to emulate and/or avoid?

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