Presidential Election Polls

Select an opinion poll that interests you from any current news articlescontained in printed (newspapers, magazines, etc.) or electronic media (television, radio, Internet, etc.) The only relatively precise way to measure public opinion is through the use of public opinion polls. Nonscientific polling techniques (sometimes called straw polls) or the use of biased samples, will produce inaccurate results. A random sample means that each person within the entire population being polled has an equal chance of being chosen. If the sample is properly drawn, the sample will be representative of the population being studied, though any opinion poll contains sampling error.In the opinion poll you select:• Identify the polling method used (scientific or nonscientific).• Discuss the reliability of the results, i.e., are results representative of the population being studied or only the opinion of the respondents.• What do you believe was the purpose of the poll? Do you suspect that the poll was intended to mold public opinion rather than measure it? Explain your reasoning.

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