Preventing treaty abuse (Action 6).

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n composing the essay, please take the following approach:

1.) First, summarize the output that the OECD has delivered so far in relation to the Action, which you have chosen (max. 500 words). In this respect, please focus on giving a complete, but brief overview of the (preliminary) conclusions that have been reached in relation to the respective Action.

2.) Subsequently, reflect on the work, which the OECD has done in relation to the respective Action, and share your reasoned opinion on the work.

To help you along in developing your thoughts, you may (optionally) want to consider the following questions:

a. Why is the Action, which you have selected, a specific concern in terms of BEPS?

b. What result is the OECD trying to achieve with the measure(s) proposed?

c. How does the OECD propose to address the concern under the Action?

d. In your view, can the envisaged result be achieved by the measure(s) proposed?
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