pricing strategy & pricing objectives

The paper should be 2 to 3 pages long with unlimited source. Also the paper has to have an introduction and conclusion, and the aim is establish a pricing strategy & pricing objectives for a fake product.
Here is some detail information.
You have been approached by the makers of the Holo-Generator. The Holo-Generator is an innovative product that fits in the palm of your hand and plays three-dimensional music videos through sound and holographic images. This product has not yet been developed. The executive team is awaiting your expertise and direction before developing the prototype.
Information of Holo-Generator:
Holo-Generator will first lunch in Japan, basically it is a smart phone like Iphone, but it has new functions which are the sale point. The phone, Holo-Generator, can be use as credit card with finger print access and eye ball scanner access. Moreover, the phone also contains the function of voice commander and can be use as projector.
Furthermore, for the pricing strategy, it contains New-Product Pricing Strategies, Product Mix Pricing Strategies, Price-Adjustment Strategies, and Price Changes.

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