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Ethics Case BYP13-7 in Textbook
The R&D division of Piqua Chemical Corp. has just developed a chemical for sterilizing the vicious Brazilian killer bees which are invading Mexico and the southern United States. The president of the company is anxious to get the chemical on the market to boost the companys profits. He believes his job is in jeopardy because of decreasing sales and profits. The company has an opportunity to sell this chemical in Central American countries, where the laws are much more relaxed than in the United States.

The director of Piquas R&D division strongly recommends further testing in the laboratory for side-effects of this chemical on other insects, birds, animals, plants, and even humans. He cautions the president, We could be sued from all sides if the chemical has tragic side-effects that we didnt even test for in the labs. The president answers, We cant wait an additional year for your lab tests. We can avoid losses from such lawsuits by establishing a separate wholly owned corporation to shield Piqua Corp. from such lawsuits. We cant lose any more than our investment in the new corporation, and well invest in just the patent covering this chemical. Well reap the benefits if the chemical works and is safe, and avoid the losses from lawsuits if its a disaster. The following week, Piqua creates a new wholly owned corporation called Finlay Inc., sells the chemical patent to it for $10, and watches the spraying begin.

Instructions- Your paper should answer the following questions:
(a) Who are the stakeholders in this situation?
(b) Are the presidents motives and actions ethical?
(c) Can Piqua shield itself against losses of Finlay Inc.?

Specifications: Assignment should be an APA paper, double spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margin (top, bottom, left and right), and at least three (3) sources other than the textbook. The paper should have at least 3 pages of research content information (excluding abstracts and summary, etc.) The paper should also be submitted to the Turnitin dropbox. Please note that an acceptable similarity percentage is no more than 30%. You will be penalized if your paper has a higher than 30% similarity and is not in APA format.

Due Date ; Sunday, Week 5 October 9th @5:00pm

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