Prion Disease

Hypothesis: Depletion of RANKL decreases pulmonary M cell differentiation and protects against prion infection by the inhaled route.

1. Summary of proposed research ( 400 words)

2. Aims: 1. Depletion of M cells in the FAE of Peyer’s patches by RANKL neutralization. 2. M cell-depletion blocks prion neuroinvasion from the inhaled route

3. Background: Provide figures and data, review of previous research in the area and justification for further research.
4. Experimental design (with table) and methods, expected outcomes and their importance
• Animals: C57BL/6, Edinburgh, treatment with anti-RANKL, anti-IgG(not specific) as a control.

• Inoculation and tissue collection: Prion exposure by an inhalation chambers containing a nebulizer device.

• Disease monitoring: Behavior test ( memory and motor tests)

• Histological analysis: Immunohistochemistry and immunoflorescent

5. Prevention of Bias: Blinding, Randomization etc…
6. Data Analysis

7. Future Direction
8. Justify staff, materials and consumables requested providing estimates of total cost

9. Timetable plan

10. References

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