Problem Analysis Paper : COMPSTAT

Background: Many major cities in the United States have big plagued by high crime rates and there is enormous pressure on police commissioners to get these rates down. One method currently used to help accomplish this mission is called COMPSTAT. COMPSTAT is a method whereby statistical measurements of crime are routinely tracked and monitored. There are normally weekly meetings conducted by the police commissioner and the command staff where police district commanders have to show the data for their districts, explain increases in crime rates, analyze problems and offer solutions. The idea is that a police commander must understand the problem before solutions can be found. The controversy comes from the way the COMPSTAT meetings are conducted. In some cases the district commanders are overly scrutinized, embarrassed and the sessions are generally negative. COMPSTAT has been eliminated or curtailed in some jurisdictions because they feel the negatives outweigh the positives.

Assignment: The objective of this assignment is to evaluate the use and implementation of the COMPSTAT process to determine if it should be used. An analysis should be conducted of the effectiveness of COMPSTAT that includes both the positive and negative aspects. Students should provide a rational for or against and may offer suggestions on how it is to be implemented.

Students are to use library resources to find at least two journal (or other reference documents) relating to the effectiveness of the COMPSTAT process. The submitted paper must be a minimum of five pages of 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman only), double-spaced type, not including cover page and bibliography. Resources must be reflected in the bibliography, using APA citation rules.

Paper Formatting Requirements:

Cover page: Include the title of the paper, your name, class title and date of submission.
Section 1: Introduction: Make and introductory statement about the topic of your paper, what points are you attempting to make or discover? Provide the purpose of your paper.
Section 2: Summarize the main points of the journal articles you have chosen.
Section 3: Compare and contrast the articles. Do they reach the same conclusion? How are they alike? How do they differ?
Section 4: Conclusion-Based on your analysis of the articles and their conclusions, do you believe the COPSTAT process is effective. Explain why you feel that it should or should not be used.
References: References must be correctly cited in APA format.

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