Professional Behavior

State your understanding of the definition of professionalism based on the assigned readings and class discussions on legal and ethics og nursing. Identify different types of professional development(continuing professional education)  activities and why it is important in professional nursing. Describe how you believe your practice will impacted through professional development activities, Identify a long term goal of where you see yourself as a nurse in 10 years. No abstracts, no bullets, paragraphs only, left justification only, 1 inch margins double spacing, no extra spacing between paragraphs, font size 12, times roman only, Reference page required, no abbreviations or jargon, all abbreviations must be spelled out the first time it is used in the paper, Resources must come from a medical or nursing journal only, less than 2 years old. all sources whether paraphrased or directly quoted must be cited in text and then put on the reference page. No long quotes. 1 short quote may be used. Wikipedia and any nonprofessional sources may not be used.

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