Project: Social Stratification in New Jersey

Project: Social Stratification in New JerseyNote that all citations must be properly formatted using either the University of Chicago or Turabian. This includes interviews in the second part of the project.This Project will consist of several parts.Part I- Choose a town in New Jersey that you are familiar with AND one that you will be able to visit periodically to do field research. It may be your own hometown.Using data derived from the census, get as much information as you can about the demographics of the town. You must include the following information in your report:Gender distribution; age distribution; marital status; income distribution; level of educational attainment; employment by occupation/industry; employment and unemployment rates and race/ethnicity. Compare each of these with that of the United States as a whole. Do not present raw numbers. Present data in percentage format.How does your town fare with respect to the larger population?The project will be graded on the basis of the following:Amount of information compiled.Number of respondents interviewedNature and number of questions asked of each respondent.Ability to apply concepts and theories to empirical events.

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