Psychological Disorders: A beautiful Mind (Psychosis)

Psychological Disorders: A beautiful Mind (Psychosis)

There are different kinds of disorders that affect people. Various movies have been produced with some instances or characters exhibiting these disorders. This discussion is based on the movie, “A beautiful mind” which has a character suffering from one of the psychological disorders.

In the movie, “A beautiful mind” the psychological disorder illustrated is psychosis that is one of the serious mental disorder that is characterized by emotions and thinking that are impaired as the individual demonstrates loss of contact with reality (MedlinePlus, 2013). In this movie, John Nash a mathematician graduate is the character suffering from this disorder. He therefore meets the criteria for abnormal through this depictions.

A number of symptoms are manifest in Nash through the movie. One of the symptoms includes hallucinations and delusions.  Nash has false beliefs and thoughts. One incidence is where he endangers his son when he accidently staggers and knocks his wife Alicia and the son to the ground. This incidence happens because he thinks that he is stopping Parcher from shooting him.  In another incidence, Nash tells his wife Alicia that she is not growing old but in real sense, he is referring to Marcee, Charles’ young niece. He also punched Dr. Rosen in his attempts to flee on the pretext that the soviet agents are pursuing him and when taken to the psychiatric facility he thinks that the facility belongs to the soviets (Howard, 2001). This is therefore, an illustration of some of the symptoms of this disorder.  This illustration is a clear indication that this is a psychosis disorder as they also have some indications of schizophrenia through the hallucinations and delusions experienced by the character.

In the film, no casual factors for the character disorder are suggested. The only episodes that help the audience to understand the disorder of the character are the ways he is behaving. The delusions and hallucinations are the major behaviors portrayed which help to understand and appreciate that in deed the individual is suffering from this disorder.

Because of this disorder, Nash was placed under medication. The kind of treatment he received was medication and family therapy.  He was recommended to take insulin shock therapy-an antipsychotic medication.  This medication is administered through injections for several weeks to help in suppressing the disorder (MedlinePlus, 2013). He was also placed under family therapy as his wife took the responsibility of ensuring that she supports him to recover and to manage the situation. These treatment methods are recommended for the disorder.  For instance, shock therapies were widely used during the early decades in the twentieth century. However, nowadays there has been development of new drugs such as neuroleptic.  Family therapy is still an applicable treatment method for this disorder. The reason why these treatment options are significant is that they help to improve the situation of the individual.

The disorder affected other people that Nash met.  One of the people that was affected by this disorder was his wife Alicia. She was the closet person to him as she is his wife and therefore, she had to understand him and to help him manage the situation. In some occasions, she also faced the risk of the behaviors of his husband. At some times in the movie, his husband who is suffering from the disorder knocks her to the ground.  Nash’s son is also another person that is affected by the disorder. Nash nearly causes an accident to his baby when he is involved in delusions and hallucinations (Howard, 2001). Other people that are affected by this are his friends.  His socialization behaviors and patterns with his colleagues also diminish because he thinks negatively about them. He believes that they are his enemies and are pursuing him. This therefore, hampers his relationship with these friends. The impact on the character was not realistically portrayed even though he was able to manage his situation without taking medication.   The reason why this was not realistically portrayed is because the character is able to continue with his usual studies after a while.

After watching the movie, I have come to appreciate that indeed it is possible for an individual to live a comfortable life with the disorder. Even though an individual may experience some challenges, if well managed through family therapy and support, it can be well managed. The people that surround an individual should show support and appreciation for persons with disability. This enables the individual to accept the situation and view live positively. For instance, in this movie, his old friend Martin Hansen gives him an opportunity to lead a mathematics department at Princeton.

In conclusion, I feel that the movie was produced well and the themes are well organized.  The movie managed to highlight the psychosis disorders well through Nash.  Any person that watches the movie will be able to notice that the character was suffering from the disorder. The pictures and the episodes are very clear and fascinating. Therefore, I rate the movie as excellent   especially in the way it brings out the aspect of psychological disorder.


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