[Be certain to define them or explain them for the reader]
 In what way are the book’s topics [as you identified them] relevant to this course?
 In your opinion, is this message needed in our society today? If so, why is it important?
 What broader social concerns does it answer?
 What are the specific problems this book addresses? What are the solutions offered?
 Why do you think this book was chosen for this class?
 Considering your own family and relationship history, how relevant is the book to you?
 What did you enjoy about this book? Quote one or two passages you found
worthwhile. [Include page citations] Explain why.
 What did you learn from this book? How might you apply this knowledge in the future?
 What were the strengths and weaknesses of this book?
For each, give an explanation and justification for your perspective.
 What other reviews have you found of this book or topic on the Web? *Cite the links.
 Who should read this book? What audiences? Why?

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